Mama Die and Retry

MAMA Die and Retry is an old school action platformer that offers a challenging experience through 26 levels and 4 bosses. Fight with a working class hero and discover new horizons filled with a lot of aliens and threats. Use your broom against them. Each time you die, you will retry.

MAMA Die And Retry sounds like an old arcade game : pixel art, retro music. All made with heart and soul.

  • Multilayered parallax backgrounds, animations, WebGl effects, Particles give mordern touches.
  • Detailed, colored, charming 80’s pixel art, 80’s Clothes, 80’s synths
  • Don’t Kill, just pushback – Dodge, Avoid, perfect your skills
  • Use Alien’s technology to improve yourself
  • Slimes, Bees, Blobs, Bosses, a lots of fights and a lots of reasons to die…
  • Run, Die, and Retry again and again.
  • Less deaths, faster, try to do your best through 26 levels
  • Brave 4 treacherous bosses…

“It’s a hard thing to leave any deeply routine life, even if you hate it.”
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Join the working class, real everyday heroes !


One night, after a hard day at work, MAMA was going home. She is a working class woman, whom nobody sees, nobody thanks her but she is always here. Suddenly a noise arises from the sky and splits the night. Aliens were falling from the clouds, fires were starting in the streets. Earth was under attack, and MAMA was the only one able to handle this with her broom. She needs your help to push back the invasion…

Imagine a world where every death is just another chance to become a legend. Welcome to MAMA Die and Retry, the ultimate old-school action platformer that will push your gaming skills to the limit!

In the world of Mama Die and Retry, you’ll step into the worn-out boots of a working-class hero, ready to take on 26 exhilarating levels and face off against four relentless bosses. The game takes inspiration from classic arcade titles, featuring captivating pixel art, retro music, and a whole lot of heart and soul poured into it.

Let the journey begin ! #Jointheworkingclass

Mama Die and Retry

Join the working class, real everyday heroes.

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